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Latest Courses from Knowplace:

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2007 Conference
Wednesday March 28 - Sunday April 01 2007
The knowTIPS conference is a grass-roots conference arising from knowPLACE philosophy that we all learn with our fingers – especially in the online environment! This led to a desire to provide a place where others could get that same experience and build their skills. The conference is open to anyone who is interested in the online environment whether you are a coach, mentor, educator, facilitator, career practitioner, interested in online course design, or just interested in furthering your online skills.

knowMATES [members in good standing in the knowPLACE community] were discussing how much they learned when working on projects together in a safe environment. In keeping with the desire to share and grow in a positive environment, we asked our friends and colleagues if they were willing to share their expertise in this fashion and knowTIPSTheory into Practice was born TIPS.

In true grassroots fashion, everyone donates their time and energy without monetary remuneration. knowMATES work on creating the environment and promoting the conference. Presenters prepare their material and share their expertise. knowPLACE provides the venue and technical support needed and Dr. Randy Labonte and Odyssey provide access to their ps:Elluminate platform for the synchronous presentations.

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